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October 23 2016

A prominent regional channel of UP broadcasts a special coverage on Mulayam’s family tussle within. The crux was that Mulayam’s second wife Sadhna Gupta is adding fuel to the fire. She was termed as Kaikayi. The well wisher of Mulayam-Amar Singh felt bad he literally rang up Mulayam Singh and said how could you bear her insult. It was then decided that the head of channel should be summoned and UP head should be shown the exit gate. In a tearing hurry, Mukesh Ambani was telephoned but he did not even speak to them. It was said that he is out of the country. Finally, HFCL head Mahendra Nahta was caught and coerced to apologise to Mulayam’s second wife. Despite the fact that Nahta has nothing to do with Reliance and the news channel. He just sold his spectrums to Reliance group. As per sources when Nahta left Mulayam lovingly asked his wife. Are you happy now? She smiled coyly. He said ‘even if some channel refers you as Kaikayi then I also become Dashrath and he used to listen to kaikayi only.”Does it mean 14 years of Vanvas to Akhilesh?

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