Jokes for a ministry

August 23 2015

After hogging the headlines with his comments on rape, Netaji, that is Mulayam, appears to be miffed with his son Akhilesh. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Netaji has a lot of complains with his son’s advisory committee. Netaji has been constantly asking why anyone who tries to get close to his son is corrupt to the gills. The newest matter is about Javed Abdi, who became known through get-togethers, where he would tell Akhilesh the latest jokes, and later laughed himself to a minister’s post. He resigned after matters of corruption came to light against him, however. At present, Akhilesh’s primary advisor has come in the form of IIM’s Dikshit, and Abhishek Mishra, who has become an Assembly member for the first time; the latter’s impeccable English has also found a fan in the young chief minister.

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