Jaitley being targeted by dissenting party members

November 17 2015

It is not just Shah, also on target of BJP dissidents is Modi government’s all-powerful Arun Jaitley. Their argument is that Jaitley had a big role to play in Bihar’s loss. Team Jaitley was proactive in Bihar’s election preparations, and apart from Shah, the reins of Bihar’s elections was in the hands of Jaitley’s reliable people such as Bhupendra Yadav, Dharmendra Pradhan, Sushil Modi and Anil Jain. Modi government is also facing a lot of flak because of Jaitley’s economic policies. He has been unsuccessful in reining in the endless rise in cost of living. There are also whispers about changing his department. The dissidents are demanding he be given a less crucial ministry. But the real test is for the prime minister and how he will manage to save his dear friend during these trying times.

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