Jaitapur under Putin’s scanner

March 12 2018

Meanwhile, an interesting turn came in the whole issue when a Russian gaint Rosatom (JSC Rosatom International) started showing interest in the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant. The Deputy Chief of the company visited India with his team in recent past. He primarly met with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. It is said that soon after this meeting, Russian President Putin talked directly with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi about this.
It is to be believed that the name of Vladimir Putin and Mehsin Nishir is taken in the founders of this company.
Earlier, in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Modi and the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa, on August 10, 2016, Russian President Putin inaugurated the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 in Tamil Nadu via video conferencing.
Production period of the Kudankulam plant is 60 years, which can be extended for another 20 years, and the cost of electricity generated from this is expected around Rs 3.89 per unit. Russia claims that the bidding amount sent by France is much higher than the market price. And if by any chance the French company gets the job, its fate may also be that of the Raphael deal, in which opposition parties will get a golden chance to attack the Modi government once again.

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