Is it possible to imagine Gandhi free Congress

January 04 2021

In the 125-year-old Congress, the bubble of dissatisfaction has burst, so much so, that the Gandhi family is shocked. Such is the situation that Rahul’s leadership is being challenged. The Congress party meeting called on Saturday was initiated at the behest of Priyanka Gandhi who was the chief architect of the meet. This ‘initiation’ was supported by Kamal Nath who talked to the disgruntled leaders himself and also shared details about the same with Priyanka. These leaders were told that Priyanka Gandhi would talk to them personally before the meeting, ie it was a complete undertaking to dispel any disgruntlement in the leaders. Sources reveal that Priyanka actually spoke directly to several disgruntled leaders along with Ashok Gehlot before the start of the meeting. This entire undertaking of the Gandhi family was also for the matter that in the election of the national president of the party, the matter should not reach till poll level so that Rahul could not be challenged from anywhere and he should be elected unopposed. On the other hand, there is Rahul Gandhi who is constantly sending signals to the party that he does not want to become the President. Then there is a big section that is questioning as to how long will the situation continue and at least now the election should be conducted. The 10 Janpath loyalists have a grudge against some of their own leaders that they are playing in the hands of the BJP and are giving information about what is going on inside the Congress to the BJP. If sources are to be believed, leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad also fall under this ambit of doubt. This strengthens the information system of the BJP and further sharpens the edge of their attack on the Congress’s Gandhi family.

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