Is France falling prey to secularism?

November 17 2015

It is question that is rearing its head constantly, especially after the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Considered to be one of Europe’s largest secular countries, France has a population of about 47 lakh Muslims, who make for about 7.5 per cent of the country’s population. After the Charlie Hebdo incident in January, the French government is constantly trying to bring down fanatic Islamic groups. France’s investigative agencies had also submitted a report to the Senate after the Charlie Hebdo incident, where a doubt was expressed that in the recent past, more than 3,000 European youth had joined ISIS as a jehadi; of these more than half were French. The report also claims that the ISIS had also taken these young people to Syria and Iraq. In France alone there are 1,570 people who are under constant surveillance by the French government. It is believed that they may have connections with Syria. France’s investigative agencies also have a suspicion that more than 200 French jehadis has returned to the country after getting training from ISIS. More than 150 fanatics have been put behind bars in the past few days. The burqa has been partially banned there and the changing dynamics have made it tough for the Muslims there to find employment. Several French universities are exercising caution while giving them admissions. France’s struggle to emerge as a secular country in the backdrop of the recent terrorist attack is a real one

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