Iraq in three parts?

July 05 2014

Trouble is set to increase after the holy month of Ramzan. Investigative sources reveal that in the days to come, civil war may continue in Iraq and if the situation remains this fragile and complicated, it is possible that Iraq may be divided into three parts – Sunnistan, Shiastan and Kurdistan. Until Saddam Hussain ruled over Iraq, that is until 2003, Sunnis were at the seat of power. After its interference in 2006, the US changed Iraq’s prime minister to Nuri al-Maliki, who was a Shia. Trouble started brewing in Iraq ever since; Shias rules the roost in Baghdad and parts to the south of it, Sunnis were in majority in north and Kurds in the north-east. American Vice-president Joe Biden, who was a mere senator in the US in 2006, had come with a proposal to divide Iraq into three parts. The way conditions are explosive in the country, different countries have their own take on it. Just like Iran is supporting the entire Shia clan during the battle, countries such as Saudi Arabia are helping the Sunnis and Israel is interested in the Kurds and Kurdistan. Russia is totally against the Sunnis. Maliki has become the leader of Shias instead of Iraq. The Sunni-supporting ISIS has emerged as the world’s richest terrorist outfit.

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