Irani’s tale is old now

April 18 2015

HRD minister Smriti Irani appears to have been in trouble from all corners. If luck favours her, she could be the next tourism minister, but otherwise possibilities are there she could be dropped from the government in the next reshuffle. When the foundation of Modi government was laid, she was given the responsibility of drafting a new education policy to suit the ideology of Sangh Parivar. But her weird style of functioning earned her more foes than fiends. She is the first HRD minister, who could speak against a sizeable 30 percent cut in the budgetary allocation to her ministry. Besides Sanjay Kachru, till now altogether four personal secretaries have been changed. During her tenure works could not begin for even a single IIT or IIM and also the new education bill could not see the light of the day. Even nothing was done for teachers training programme. Talk of establishing a teachers service proved futile. Recently about four of the MPs opened a front against her and even joint secretary level officers have written that they would not be able to work with such a minister. So it is difficult for her to survive only on the image of her being close to the prime Minister. Interestingly, even this image is losing its sheen of late.

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