Tipu or Aurangzeb?

January 29 2017

Like Aurangzeb putting father Shah Jahan under a comfortable house arrest in Agra’s Lal Qila, it seems Mulayam Singh has been put into house arrest in Lucknow by son Akhilesh. The country’s biggest ‘Mulayam-ist’, Thakur Amar Singh is suffering severe pains for he is not able to meet dear friend Mulayam, no matter how much he tries. Akhilesh, it seems, is ensuring that Mulayam loses all contacts with the outside world. Even his old cell phone SIM has been changed so phone calls are going blank, birds in Lucknow tell us. They coo also that several times, Mulayam tried to hold a press conference, but each time he had to cancel it, under pressure. And Shivpal Yadav? ‘Uncle’ is also quiet and will remain so till January 31, fearing that if he throws a ruckus now, Akhilesh might cancel his ticket for the election. Is this lull in the SP camp the proverbial one before the storm? Let’s wait and watch!

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