Inside Story

September 18 2017

BJP’s top leadership is not happy with Bihar’s deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi. Source confide that BJP chief Amit Shah was not in favour of Modi being included in the cabinet this time. Sushil Modi learning of Shah’s mood, dialed his contacts in the RSS. The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is believed to have mediated in the dispute and got a favourable decision for Sushil. This infuriated Shah so that that he offered to resign from party chief’s post and indicated that he was ready to join the government. He was eyeing Home Ministry for he has already been in charge of Home in Gujarat. Rajnath was offered Defence Ministry. Unwilling to move from Home, Rajnath too rushed to Mohan Bhagwat. He told Bhagwat, changing his Ministry at this juncture, would be construed as due to his poor performance. If he had to be removed, he would prefer to return to the party organization. Bhagwat intervened to save Rajnath’s skin. That is why, the meeting of four biggies at Rajnath’s home before the reshuffle, was a stormy affair.

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