In the end…

July 24 2016

Arvind Kejriwal has made it clear to his party that only one member of a family can get to hold office in AAP. Thus, those close to Kejriwal who are trying to ask for a Rajya Sabha seat through Sunita bhabhi (Mrs Kejriwal), have got the message clear. In Siddhu’s case, too, Kejriwal had made it clear that if AAP comes to power in Punjab, his doctor wife might get an important responsibility, and he could be either made deputy CM, or a senior Cabinet minister. Along the lines of the Congress, Kejriwal is also ready to made Siddhu the face of AAP’s prachar committee. He is also ready to have Siddhu contest the coming Lok Sabha elections on AAP ticket. So much so that now when AAP has three Rajya Sabha seats in its quota, Kejriwal is ready to send him and Ashutosh in the Upper House. If that happens, what about the guideline that only one person from a family will get AAP responsibility?

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