In Jaitley’s defence

September 27 2014

After his weight-loss surgery, when Arun Jaitley arrived in New Delhi’s Max Hospital in Saket for a routine check-up, the doctors hurriedly got him admitted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and BJP President Amit Shah went to pay him a visit, and then there was a rumour that Jaitley will be taken to Singapore for further treatment. Then someone floated a rumour that Jaitley is to undergo a kidney transplant there; for a transplant, an application has to be submitted to the High commision of the republic of Singapore in Delhi. So, some of the investigative journalists went to the Singapore High commision to get their hands on such an application and came back. Then it came to be known that it was several prominent BJP leaders who floated the rumour because they didn’t want Jaitley to handle two crucial ministries such as Defence and Finance. They want that Jaitley should let go of at least Defence so that the country gets a new Defence Minister.

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