Imitating the Guru

September 03 2017

Dera Sachcha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim might be behind bars loudly asking himself, “Mainu ki kitta (What’s my fault?) But the fact is Gurmeet had tried to vitiate the atmosphere in 2007 itself. He had planned to travel on a white horse with a hawk perched on his shoulder from Sirsa Ashram to Amritsar while donning a white dress a la tenth Sikh guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh.
He had already purchased a white horse at an exorbitant price and the hawk had been trained for months to sit quietly on Gurmeet’s shoulder. He had already a dress stitched a white dress just like the one adorned by Guru Gobind Singh ji. He even got several pictures clicked in this dress which was leaked to the media creating a furore. The Yatra was about to start when a senior police officer tipped out Ram Rahim that he might be attacked during the journey and his life might be in danger. The Guru Ghantal immediately cancelled the yatra averting a big crisis.

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