IB’s revenge

September 06 2014

Sources reveal that the IB has a big role to play in the never-ending troubles that seem to dog Ranjit Sinha. IB had started to keep a tab on Sinha ever since the IB and the CBI had come to a face-off about the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. A prominent IB official was looking at the entire matter with a lot of skepticism. It is believed that a verbal war had erupted between IB chief Ibrahim and Ranjit Sinha. It is said that a keen eye was kept on Sinha and his close aides ever since. At Sinha’s 2 Janpath residence, there is security from both Delhi Police and the ITBP jawans. It is worth remembering that before becoming the CBI chief, Sinha was a DG with the ITBP and he trusts its security far more. It is possible that this may not have gone down well with Delhi Police. Clearly, it is no secret who will gain from keeping a tab on visitors at the residence and bringing it to the notice of the IB.

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