How Mr. Tyagi became Acharya Pramod Krishnam?

May 06 2023

Recently, when the video of Imran Pratapgarhi – a favourite of Rahul Gandhi – worshipping Atiq Ahmed went viral, Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam raised several question in front of the TV cameras, the content of which revolved around ‘How do Imran type people grow so much in the party?’ The genie that came out of the heap of questions has now started questioning Acharya ji himself that why his political land has been eaten up by the termites of ambitions? Actually, before wearing the title of Acharya, he was Pramod Kumar Tyagi who used to run girls hostel in Delhi-Ghaziabad. His close ones know him by the name of ‘Karigar’ because he has expertise in political juggling. Later he opened his schools and ashrams in many cities of western UP. The case of the disappearance of one of his school teachers was also in the headlines. His political journey began in 1988-89 when he joined the then Governor of Haryana Mahavir Prasad and became close to him. When Mahavir Prasad was passed away, he remained connected with his daughter and son-in-law. When his political shop did not work much, he changed his clothes and wore the cloak of a religious teacher and he became Acharya Pramod Krishnam from Pramod Tyagi. Leaders started coming and going in his ashram. Then at one stage he became very close to Salman Khurshid. Salman got him ‘adjusted’ in the party’s organization for the first time and made him a member of the Pradesh Congress Committee. Then gradually he became close to Robert Vadra and from there made his way to Priyanka Gandhi. However, he entered in a tusle with Imran Pratapgarhi. Pramod Krishnam has a huge stock of expensive luxury vehicles and claims that ‘he is the incarnation of Lord Kalki’. He has an ashram built on 300 acres of land in Sambhal, but this land is said to be involved in disputes. He has a lot of friends in media as well, so whether he gets any post in the party or not, he definitely gets a place in every TV debate. He contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Sambhal in UP, where he stood fifth. Abu Salem’s girlfriend Monica Bedi also came in his election campaign, and actress Mahima Chowdhary also came. He organises ‘Kalki Mahotsav’ every year in Sambhal in which the presence of famous Radhe Maa can also be seen. He shows himself as Priyanka’s Hanuman, but it is said that Priyanka has distanced herself a lot from him these days, so Acharya ji needs a new political rehabilitation for himself.

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