How Lalit Modi met the Gandhi family

July 05 2015

Since ancient times, looking for prey involves the same caveman tactics; the only things that have changed are the weapons and the strategy for it. A new tweet from Lalit Modi has created a storm, which says Priyanka and Robert met him at a restaurant in London two years ago. Timmy Sarna, who is mentioned in the tweet, is DLF magnate K D Singh’s daughter Piya Singh’s husband. Timmy gets along like a house on fire with Robert and Priyanka. A couple of years ago when Timmy took the two to dinner at a restaurant in London, Lalit Modi was already present there, and Timmy knew Lalit from before. After polite greetings, Lalit said to Timmy, “Won’t you introduce me to your guests?” after which Timmy formally introduced Priyanka and Robert to Lalit Modi. And the matter concluded; Lalit went back to his dinner table and Priyanka, Robert and Timmy got busy at theirs.

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