How did Kurulkar get honey trapped?

May 28 2023

Pradeep Kurulkar, director of the country’s renowned organization DRDO, has been arrested by the ATS for sharing important information related to the country’s security with a Pakistani girl, and the agency is trying to find out ‘how many more girls’ have been used for this ‘honey trapping’. Kurulkar, 59, was due to retire from his DRDO job in November this year. If sources are to be believed, it was Kurulkar who used to teach the people of his department the tricks to avoid honey trap. Last year, one such program was organized at the DRDO campus in Pune, where Kurulkar, as an expert, threw light on ways to avoid honey traps. When asked what compelled him to share sensitive information about his country with a stranger for a few nude photos, Kurulkar said he was a victim of ‘loneliness’. While Kurulkar and his 4 generations are imbued with patriotism, he and his family have a very old association with the Sangh. One of his interviews is also going viral these days in which he is seen with his wife and saying that ‘for the last 14 years he has been playing the saxophone in various programs of the Sangh.’ DRDO had formed its own ‘Elite Think Tank’ – ‘G-FAST’ in which only 12 scientists out of 6000 scientists were selected to run this think tank, and Kurulkar was one of them.

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