How did Kiran agree?

January 19 2014

BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi was mighty upset by the way the Aam Aadmi Party was announcing new people joining the party and grabbing headlines. So he got in touch with the country’s biggest industrialist who also happens to be his friend and asked for help, and said that he wants those who were a part of the Anna movement to join the BJP so that a message reaches the masses. This industrial house’s founder’s wife has close associations with Kiran Bedi. Sources reveal that the Page 3 wife of this industrialist runs a school and has Kiran Bedi among the board of directors. She gets a honorarium of about Rs 24 lakh for the same and it believed that it is on the behest of this industrialist that Kiran Bedi has now started to praise NaMo. It is also being said that she might contest the coming elections from Delhi on a BJP ticket.

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