How are ministers of Modi government ranked?

July 28 2021

Don’t make the mistake of treating former IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s rhetorical arguments and incoherent speeches as a lost chapter. Keeping that tradition of Prasad alive, many ministers of the Modi government are following it. In the ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament, one would have seen a fierce form of Hardeep Puri, a senior minister of the Modi government, who, like the ‘fire’ in petroleum prices, was also seen raging on the Trinamool MPs in the House. You must have also heard the Minister of State for External Affairs and BJP’s leadership’s favorite’ Meenakshi Lekhi calling the agitating farmers ‘Mawali’. That is, it is decided that any minister of the government who defends the government with some ferocity and sharp aggression, their numbers will increase in ‘M Darbar’. When the PM was evaluating the performance of all his ministers before this major reshuffle of his cabinet, a presentation was also made by Giriraj Singh, even though that presentation may have got low numbers on the PM’s mark sheet, the PM was given the status of his ministry. The minister may not have been able to answer two or three questions in a satisfactory manner, and when it seemed to everyone that Giriraj Singh was going to be dropped from the cabinet, he was promoted and an important ministry like rural development was handed to him. Therefore, the ‘exam paper’ is out, for the MP or minister who knows how to cross the limits in the defense of the government and for them the possibilities are limitless in this government.

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