Hosabale comes to Shah’s rescue

November 23 2015

Sangh’s prominent leader Duttatreya Hasbale has become active to save Amit Shah’s presidential post. It is to be noted that Hasbale is considered to be extremely close to Narendra Modi. Aiding him in his assignment in every way possible are Ananth Kumar and Ram Madhav. At the same time, Sangh’s two top leaders Mohan Bhagwat and Bhaijaji Joshi are said to be of the opinion that it is only after Shah’s farewell that a new surge of energy will course through the paralysed limbs of the BJP. Bhagwat and Bhaiyaji are said to be of the same old opinion that the country’s prime minister and the BJP’s top man should not be from the same state of Gujarat. For a long time now, Shah has been trying to get into the good books of the Sangh, and in this he has been aided the most by Sangh-beloved Nitin Gadkari. A few days ago when Bhaiyaji’s brother died in Madhya Pradesh, Shah made it a point to travel there especially to pay his condolences. Apart from this, for his son Jai Shah’s wedding, Shah sent invites to all top leaders of the Sangh. Hasbale was seen especially engaged during the wedding ceremonies as well.

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