BJP’s UP poll startegy

November 28 2021

Right now it will take time to repeal all three agricultural laws, but BJP has started working on the politics of its expansion. In Punjab, Captain Amarinder has come openly in BJP’s court, while in UP, the damage control campaign of the saffron party has also started in over one hundred seats under the influence of farmers. Most of these seats are from western UP, a region dominated by Jats. Anyway, Jats are among the traditional BJP votes from the beginning. Remember Amit Shah’s 40-minute leaked audio clip which claimed that Jat brothers are our own. On the one hand, now where the Jat leaders of BJP will go from village to village in western UP to persuade the angry Jats stressing that ‘Prime Minister has accepted your words, now leave the anger, come together.” On the other hand, the BJP is now extending a hand of friendship towards Chaudhary Charan Singh’s grandson Jayant Chaudhary. BJP strategists are trying to convince Jayant that RLD has never liked the friendship with SP or Congress. In 2014 and again in 2019 general elections, RLD’s bag remained completely empty by allying with these parties. In 2017, they got to see victory in only one assembly seat by allying with SP, whereas in Atal’s era, when the party contested 7 seats in alliance with BJP in 2009, the party won 5 seats out of them. Jayant is currently trying to gauge the mood of the public whether Jats have really forgiven BJP? Apart from this, BJP strategists have also constantly attached their strings to BSP supremo Mayawati, as after the election results, if the BJP is left behind by 15-16 seats from the majority, then Mayawati can fill this shortcoming.

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