Why is Rahul angry with Shivakumar?

August 06 2022

Rahul Gandhi has entrusted the election management of Karnataka and Telangana states and its continuous analysis to election strategist Sunil Kanugolu. Though the opinion of several senior Congress leaders was not so positive about Kanugolu, Rahul has expressed his full faith in Kanugolu. Earlier Kanugolu has also worked for Akalis but Shiromani Akali Dal could not get any desired success from Kanugolu’s experiences. But this time Kanugolu is in full form. He called Karnataka State President DK Shivakumar recently and told him that ‘there is a meeting regarding Karnataka, you should come to Delhi’. On this Shivakumar reportedly told Kanugolu that thsi meeting would last for nearly one hour whereas if he travels to Delhi, his whole day gets wasted. He further asked as to why cant they talk on ‘Zoom Call’ only. This did not go down well with Kanugolu who complaint about Shivakumar’s behaviour to Rahul and the Gandhi-schion immediately called Shivakumar and told him that ‘we have no compulsion to accept everything you say, you should have at least listened to Kanugolu’. Shivakumar immediately replied to Rahul, “You talk to me like this, while there is Sonia ji who says – Shiv you are like my son. After all what should I believe to be true. You are seeing the condition of the Congress today, yet I am standing with the party like a rock, will I get this fruit for being with party?” Rahul was stunned on Shivakumar’s reply. Now, it is being heard that these days an old leader of Karnataka Congress KJ George i.e. Kelacandra Joseph George has started getting more attention in the Gandhi court. George,who also represent 2% of the state’s Christian population, has also worked closely with Indira and Rajiv. And now, Rahul has given him the opportunity by making him a member of his Bharat Jodo Yatra which will start from October 2 and will pass 16 states. Recently, George was called to Delhi where he had an important meeting with Sonia and Rahul. It is being heard that KJ George can be made the National General Secretary of Congress. Is this an alarm bell for DK?

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