Whom did the looted 3.5 crore belong to?

June 06 2021

In Kerala, the elections have ended and the people there have given a chance to the Left government again. But a Thrissur case still remains a headache for the Sangh and the BJP. On April 3, a car driver reported to the police that ‘he was carrying 25 lakh rupees of a land deal, which was robbed by some goons. Surprisingly, this robbery was done by the police. It was only 500 meters away from the police station. Investigation revealed that the vehicle belonged to AK Dharmarajan, a Sangh worker from Calicut. Then Dharmarajan’s statement came that the money was given to him by Sunil Nayak, former State Treasurer of BJP Janata Yuva Morcha. So a big disclosure was made that in fact, the amount looted is not 25 lakhs but three and a half crore rupees. The police also revealed that the driver had to hand over such a huge amount to the Thrissur BJP President and party general secretary. And the most interesting thing is that both the people named – Ranjit Kumar and Deepak Kumar – who looted this amount were BJP workers. Later it was claimed by the police that this money had reached Thrissur via Karnataka. But no one knows where this money came from.

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