Strict orders to Yogi-Chouhan

November 28 2021

In politics, only signs decide the faces of heroes and leaders. Now let’s mention two incidents here, the first incident is from Madhya Pradesh which occurred on 15 November, when PM Modi reached Bhopal to inaugurate Gondrani Kamalapati railway station. On this occasion, MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was walking step by step with the PM and was also talking to him while walking before reaching the inauguration site. But suddenly SPG descended and holding CM Shivraj’s hands,he was taken back from PM, but PM did not even look back. Later Bhopal Collector claimed that the administration had to send some very important message to the CM which was conveyed to him through SPG. But this claim can not easily be digested, no matter what the Collector keeps saying for the face saving of his CM. On the very next day i.e. on November 16, a similar incident happened with UP CM Yogi Adityanath. On 16th November, on the momentous occasion of the inauguration of Purvanchal Expressway, there were people, there was the testimony of the cameras, when SPG took the PM in their circle in front of Yogi’s eyes and the PM gets in his car and goes ahead. The cameras showed how CM Yogi is walking behind the PM’s car, walking with fast steps on foot. Anyway, after the new Nizam in Delhi, there have been many changes in the protocol since 2014, such as the PM will walk at the forefront in the focus of the cameras, alone, embroiled in the pride of heroism. Rajnath Singh also understood this on the Rajpath on the Republic Day parade, while walking with the PM, he suddenly lagged behind. Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters could not understand it, then the PM held him by the hand and pushed him back. The same is the protocol of PM’s plane that only PM will come out from the front gate and alone while the rest will exit through the back door of the plane.

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