Many parties may merge in BJP

March 19 2022

In this changing weather, it seems the yellow Sun light has also changed to saffron. When the ballot box opened on the March 10, the hopes of many parties were also dashed. Even though the BJP stunned its opponents with its trot but many questions still remain unanswered. As a Congress leader says, “Narendra Modi’s victory is friable from within, because before the latest election results of five states, the BJP already had 399 seats out of total 690 seats. Now after the results, it is left with 356 seats i.e. 43 seats have been reduced.” But it should also be asked as to what happened to the morale of the Congress in Punjab where it handed over the victory to AAP. How did the call of victory in Uttarakhand turn into an outcry of defeat? Why did the public reject Priyanka’s ‘ladki hoon lad sakti hoon’ chant in UP? Therefore, today there is a need for introspection not by the BJP but by the Congress, whose many big leaders are still ready to break away. With the opposition flag-waving in four of these five states, the BJP plans to merge at least three parties into its Saffron fold by the end of this year. Mayawati is said to be ready for this, who, in this election transferred 70 to 80 percent of her core vote bank directly to the BJP. Her eyes are on an honorable farewell from politics. Her eyes are on the President post but if she does not get it, she may agree on the post of Vice President. This way she will get rid of all the cases and will be able to live a peaceful constitutional life. If this happens, she may be ready to merge her party BSP with BJP. More or less the same is the case with Nitish Kumar. His first attempt was to become the face of the Opposition unit at the Centre. He again contacted PK in this regard, explored the possibilities for himself, but if the plan does not materialise, then he too may easily surrender to the saffron. If he is made the President or Vice President, he may be ready to merge his party JDU with the BJP as JDU’s influence is now limited to Bihar only.

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