Sangh comes forward to end BJP’s concern

June 06 2021

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is ready to take on even the ‘burning sun’ of political uncertainties to provide protection to the government and the party, after the saffron party’s dismal performance in UP Panchayat elections, Bengal elections, and Covid mismanagement. After holding a marathon meeting with the PM nearly a fortnight back, BJP national president JP Nadda reached the RSS office this Thursday with some important ministers of the Modi government and moreover, the agenda of the three-day meeting of the Sangh convened in Delhi from this Saturday somewhere revolves around BJP. Apart from senior leaders of the Sangh like Sangh Pramukh Mohan Bhagwat, Bhaiyyaji Joshi and Suresh Soni, 8 other leaders of Dattatreya Hosabole’s new team are also present in this meeting. The last few elections in the country and in the states have been a gaggle of how the Sangh has in recent years evolved from being a ‘booth management’ to an ‘input giving agency’ for the BJP. The Sangh strategists have come to know that their Hindutva agenda has reached its saturation among the Bania and the upper castes. Ever since the Modi government came to the Center, the Sangh has also created an intellectual class for itself and the BJP. Sangh now wants to write the script of a big change that how it can make its inroads among backward, very backward, Dalit, Mahadalit, and tribes. Sangh knows that if these castes are not handled properly then the concept of complete Hindu Rashtra will never be realized and this polarization is possible only on the basis of religion. So, in its new endeavor, the Sangh has started organizing events to glorify the revered ideals of Dalits and tribes like Suheldev, Daldau Pasi, Ravidas, etc. To woo the backward, most backward castes, it has started talking about ‘quota’ within quota, and therefore the RSS is spreading its feet among the most backward castes like Nishad, Bind, Kasaira, Kumhar, Thathera and Tamboli, non-Jatav Dalit, Musahar, Nat and Kanjar castes. RSS is helping those dealing in raw toddy in building temples for the Kabuva caste people doing business in the Bundelkhand area, and even among the Nut and Sapera castes, the Sangh is working day and night. Professor Badrinath’s recently published book ‘Republic of Hindutva: How the Sangh is shaping the Indian democracy’, discusses in great detail how the Sangh has heralded a major change in Indian politics.

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