Shahrukh’s real concern about son Aryan

November 28 2021

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan may have got bail and is back home, but Shah Rukh is still not at peace and his real concern is about his son’s mental state. Sources close to Shah Rukh Khan say that ever since Aryan has come home, he is silent, in extreme shock, he is not talking to anyone and he is mostly spending time alone in his room. Aryan had left his house only on Friday to give his presence at the NCB office. If sources are to be believed, the days spent in Arthur Jail were nothing less than a torture for Aryan. For many days he could not sleep in the jail. Shah Rukh is in constant touch with an eminent mental health expert in America these days to help his son, an introvert by nature, get out of this phase of depression. It is said that those experts are behaving like Aryan’s life coaches these days. Shah Rukh wanted to take his son to America, but since Aryan’s passport is deposited with NCB, he cannot leave the country even if he wants to. So, these American experts are helping Aryan online. A close aide of Shah Rukh says that Aryan has been very introverted and shy since childhood and has also avoided cameras so these days he is finding it very difficult to adjust to the current situation. Somewhere in the whole world, there is a perception that Shah Rukh has become a victim of political disagreements. Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement in his support also reinforces this belief. Many foreign newspapers and magazines want to interview Shah Rukh Khan in detail to know his side on the issue of son Aryan, but he is refraining from saying anything on the issue because he does not want to make any fuss with the current system.

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