What does Tejashwi think for Nitish?

September 24 2022

Recently, Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav held a tea party at his house and invited senior leaders of his party who could not find a place in the new coalition government of Bihar despite their seniority. Tejashwi was sharing his mind with these leaders that suddenly a senior RJD leader who came from Munger asked Tejashwi, “You made Nitish Kumar again the Chief Minister while his vote percentage is less in front of our party at only 10-12 percent, and on riding our vote share, he is dreaming of becoming the PM of the country in 2024. And what have you got in return, only the post of Deputy CM?” Tejashwi listened carefully to the words of that leader and patiently answered, “You are senior to me in both age and experience. Try to understand that in Bihar there are 40 Lok Sabha seats. Congress and Left will fight on 4-6 seats in 2024. Out of the remaining 34 seats, 17-17 seats will be left for RJD and JDU. Our target is that this time we have to win all these 17 seats employing our entire might. Now it is up to Nitish ji that how many seats he can win out of his share of 17. Political observers tell that Nitish ji can get 12 seats, so can anyone with 12 seats be a serious prime ministerial candidate. The media of Delhi will also have to understand this.”

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