Gehlot agreed, but was Maken’s handling of Raj ‘crisis’ immature?

October 31 2022

What really transpired during the meeting between Sonia Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot when the political whirlwind hit Rajasthan Congress few days back. Highly placed sources in the grand old party have revealed that KC Venugopal had accompanied Ashok Gehlot to meet Sonia but as soon as Sonia entered the room where the talks were to happen, the party matriarch signaled Venugopal to vacate the room. She then spoke bluntly with Gehlot and, according to sources, an emotional Sonia asked Gehlot an important question and said, “I always trusted only two people blindly, one was Ahmed Patel and the other is you. But I was disappointed by the developments in Rajasthan.” Gehlot also presented his explanation on Sonia’s question and said, “Madam, your people have made a mistake. Ajay Maken was in a hurry. I was ready to leave the post of CM even before contesting for the post of President, but your people had already started pressurizing the MLAs’ that they have to choose their new leader now or at least convey their sentiments to the high command. I tried to meet Maken and make him understand but he did not even consider it necessary to meet me. Whereas Ajay Maken spoke to Sachin Pilot at least ten times that day. So shouldnt I even defend myself, mam?” On this, Sonia replied to Gehlot and said, “Congress will have to do ‘face saving’ and ‘damage control’ in Rajasthan.” In such a situation, it was decided between the two leaders that after the election of Congress President, Central Observers will be sent from Delhi to Rajasthan who will talk to the MLAs there in a group of 5 legislators each. Any decision on the new leadership will be taken only when they explore their mind.

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