What will happen to Mukesh Sahni?

March 19 2022

What will happen to Mukesh Sahni, who repeatedly cursed the BJP? Will BJP give him a dressing down? Mukesh Sahni’s Vikassheel Insaan Party i.e. VIP is a popular party among the Mallahs-Nishads of Bihar which is currently a part of NDA in Bihar. But despite this, Sahni violated the accepted conventions of NDA and fielded 53 candidates from his party in this UP election. Sahni, who took the oath of ousting the BJP from power in UP, forgot this time that he had tasted power in Bihar only because of the BJP. He was brought to the Legislative Council of Bihar by the BJP and perhaps he also forgot that the membership of his Legislative Council is also expiring in this coming July. The power of making him MLC again is also in the hands of BJP. It should be noted that Sahni’s VIP party had 4 MLAs in Bihar, out of which one Musafir Paswan passed away. There are 3 left who can join BJP anytime, because it was the BJP who made them contest the election with the symbol of VIP. Then what will Mukesh Sahni do? To harbour enmity for someone who gives you shelter?

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