Is Didi’s charisma fading away?

September 24 2022

Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is apparently trying to become the new head of the opposition unit, but her own house seems to have been marred with strife. Take the example of Goa, the champion land of defection, from where Luizinho Faleiro, came to TMC just before the Goa elections, did not even contest the assembly elections, and went straight to the Rajya Sabha. Now it is being said that Mama is angry with him these days. Flerio, a former Goa CM, has won seven assembly elections, despite this Mamata did not give him a place in the TMC’s Goa core committee. Mamata is probably aware that these days, Faleiro is giving saffron color to his dreams, so in the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections, he supported the NDA and towed a line other than TMC. His votes were in support of Draupadi Murmu and Jagdeep Dhankhar. Now Didi has got information that Faleiro may go to the BJP’s court very soon. Sources reveal that a major reason for this is the fact that the Faleiro family has a large and luxurious resort in the coastal area, which still falls under the legal definition of illegal, the government can bring it under the legal definition if it wants, but this process is extremely complex and lengthy and legalizing it can take up to three years. Not even six months have passed since the BJP government was formed in Goa and 8 Congress MLAs have already shifted to the BJP. There is a huge void in the name of the opposition, so Faleiro is being cautious and does not want to take any kind of risk.

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