Will Bajrang Bali help in bringing the ‘Lotus Government’?

May 06 2023

In the Karnataka elections, as the election dates are getting closer, the ideological bankruptcy of the ruling party is also getting exposed. When the Congress talked about banning Bajrang Dal and PFI, organizations that spread hatred and venom, the BJP campaign leader made it a big election issue by linking it to Bajrang Bali. He also talked about the recently released propaganda film ‘Kerala Express’ but even this did not seem to increase the election fever. Now the Congress is raising the issue of Goa, the neighboring state of Karnataka, that ‘when Manohar Parrikar was in power there, they had banned the entry of ‘Shri Ram Sena’, which advocates Hindu rights in the state, into Goa, and the same ban continues unabated during the BJP government there. Congress is asking, ‘Is this a ban imposed on Shri Ram?’ In an interview given to a channel, Sareshwala said that ‘Once upon a time, Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal used to rule in Ahmedabad. VHP’s annual jalsa was held here, and more than 5 lakh Hindus used to participate in it. When Praveen Togadia used to reach Ahmedabad airport, a convoy of 200 vehicles used to accompany him. Modi came and ended their terror. Why is the saffron star making the same Bajrang Dal an election issue today? This is the biggest question.’

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