Chirag stayed above Congress

November 28 2021

In a fit of anger, Lalu Yadav called Bhakta Charan Das, Congress in-charge of Bihar, as ‘Bhak Chonar’ (Burbak), on which state Congress leader Anil Sharma tweeted reminding Lalu how Bhakta Charan Das had lived through the days of Lalu’s struggle. He was the ‘National Coordinator’ of the Sangharsh Vahini of the Janata Dal. Many Congress leaders made rounds of Kusheshwar Asthan, but after checking their social media accounts, it is found that there are pictures of offering prayers in the famous Bholenath temple of Kusheshwar Asthan, but there are no pictures of the election campaign. Perhaps this was the reason that not only did the Congress candidates get their security deposits forfeited on both the seats, but the party came in fourth place. While Chirag Paswan’s newly formed Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) came third. In Kusheshwar Asthan, Congress candidate Atirek Kumar got around 4.27 percent votes – only 5602 votes, while LJP (RA) candidate got 5623 votes. in Tarapur, Congress candidate Rajesh Mishra got 3590 and LJP (RA) candidate got 5364 votes. Most importantly, while JDU’s votes remained united, Lalu’s party got the same number of votes as it had in the last assembly elections. This shows that Lalu’s traditional vote bank- Muslim and Yadav- remained associated with him but forward and Dalit voters did not get along. Venugopal, who was coordinating the Bihar by-elections on behalf of Rahul, did not know the ABCD of Bihar. The leaders whom the Congress had made as its star campaigners, they themselves could not even bring a thousand votes in their election.

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