Hema’s hurt

July 05 2015

It depends on how deep you are ready to go for your piece of the sky – your truth. Dream girl Hema Malini feels she too has got her share of that. A few days ago, when she went to her constituency Mathura, she had to suffer the ire of people there. The anxious public there complained to the Parliamentarian that not even one development project had taken off until now. In such circumstances, she should not expect to win the election from there. Sources reveal that Hema Malini was upset with this, and she too announced in Mathura that if that is the case, she too would not like to contest from Mathura again. After the episode, three women journalists went to meet Hema at her apartment in New Delhi’s Ferozshah Road. After small talk and tea, they wanted to ask her where she would contest elections from next time. If sources are to be believed, her instant answer was, “Rajasthan.” The women journalists then said that the party will bite dust in Rajasthan in the next elections. To this, Hema laughed and said, “What’s the way out, then? If not Rajasthan, will I contest from Pakistan?”

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