Harshvardhan’s happiness gone

November 15 2014

Most are discussing the reasons for Harshvardhan’s departure from the health ministry, saying it was because of his closeness to Sushma Swaraj, or that he may be the party’s face in the coming Delhi elections and so on. But the truth is that he cost him dearly to lock horns with a powerful medical mafia –Dr. Ketan Desai. Dr.Ketan Desai and the Medical Council of India have become synonymous with each other. So when Harshvardhan tried to look at and deal with the growing corruption at the MCI, it was like he had to deal with Desai. Desai gets along with several powerful ministers from the Modi government and his voice reaches the ears of Modi and Shah and maybe Harshvardhan forgot this reality in his excitement. At the same time, India’s powerful tobacco lobby was also hounding him because the minister would often mention a ban on tobacco. So the minute Harshvardhan’s department changed, the very next day stocks of a top cigarette manufacturing company soared.

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