Happy Behenji

December 19 2017

The results of the local body polls has given the chance to BSP supremo Mayawati to return from the political wilderness. Just recently she convened a meeting of the party coordinators at her residence, and insiders revealed that for once, she looked happy. First she showered praises on the coordinators, and then they were asked for suggestions for the future course, that is the 2019 polls. What emerged as a consensus is that wherever the party had fanned Muslim sentiments, it got slapped on its face, so now, Muslim candidates for the party will be limited to Western Uttar Pradesh. It will be trying to woo back the forward castes in Bundelkhand, Poorvanchal and Central UP. Behenji also made it absolutely clear that it will not be a part of any grand alliance in 2019, and would field candidates on its own from every Lok Sabha seat in the state. She admitted, of course, that Akhilesh had made several advances for her to join such a Grand Alliance, but she had made no commitment. Behenji also fired a different salvo: those politicians who are suffocating inside BJP are most free to join the BSP.

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