Gujarat Polls Coming

March 28 2017

After the victory in four out of the five states that went to the polls recently and sustained the saffron wave beyond 2014, the aspirations of the new fuehrer of India have started kissing the stars. In his recent visit to home state Gujarat, Narendra Modi spent two nights, of which one was spent exclusively with just a handful of his most trusted lieutenants. There were just 18 people in the meeting, of which 12 were the topmost BJP leaders of the state; three were RSS leaders believed to be very trusted by Modi; and three were from the India Foundation, led by Shaurya Doval. The level of secrecy Modi wanted was such that he told the invitees that they should hire taxis to the venue and not use their own cars, so that no one, especially the media, could sniff out who all were meeting him. And guess what the meeting was about? Though the Gujarat state polls are way off, in end-January 2018, Modi has decided to make another complete sweep. And we are told by the flies on the wall that it could very well be advanced to cash in on the current Modi mania. This he made clear in the meeting. Sources say that a day earlier, he had summoned all the party MPs from Gujarat and told them to start poll preps right away. And now it seems after the confidential Gujarat meet that the polls may be held this July or August. He told the invitees at his Gandhinagar meeting that from now, he would be visiting the state at least twice a month and personally oversee the preparations. When one of the invitees commented that the Aam Aadmi Party is raking up the issue of tampered electronic voting machines, Modi very softly and very firmly said: “Do not bother about such things. This will be historic victory for us.” Those who are close to Modi know it very well that before any election, he never misses paying obeisance to Lord Shiva at the Somnath Temple. Over the past few months, Modi has visited Gujarat seven times. And during his visit on March 8, he went to Somnath. The signals are clear then, that Gujarat is headed for the polls this mid-year!

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