Government control over the channel

July 12 2015

Modi’s shadow is hovering over a “tez” channel of the country. Thus, taking a 360-degree turn, the channel is now seen singing paeans to him. Modi strategists had communicated before the channel’s be-alls a possibility that several of the channel’s top people had loyalties with Arvind Kejriwal. According to them, this was the reason they would, time and again, speak against the Central government. After this, the channel’s owner has relieved several such presenters from primetime programmes. Now the channel’s office in Noida frequently holds several poojas and religious ceremonies and a special team of 27 priests from Varanasi is called, which conducts the ceremonies. A specific time for pooja at the office has been set, during which time the reception area undergoes a makeover and recorded mantras are played in all the three floors of the office. The journalists, too, have to take off their slippers before entering the office. The journalists running the channel have been strictly warned by the management that they will not show the live relay of any press conference organized by Arvind Kejriwal. That is because Modi’s strategists believe that Kejriwal has no control over his speech and can say anything at any time.

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