Ghulam Nabi proves a point

February 23 2016

Habitual to backstage politics, veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has made his party a force to contend with in connection with the Tamil Nadu elections. Even party Vice President Rahul Gandhi had thrown in the towel regarding Tamil Nadu at a party core committee meeting. Sources say Rahul asked his party people to focus more on Kerala elections rather than Tamil Nadu; that is because Rahul can still see ample opportunities for the Congress in Kerala. Ghulam Nabi, who was finding it tough to find a wavelength with the new-generation people leading the party, went and met with Sonia Gandhi and asked her for a last chance. He and DMK chief Karunanidhi go back a long way, and he could explore new possibilities for a coalition for the Congress. After getting a green signal from Sonia, Ghulam Nabi stayed put in Chennai, and met with Karunanidhi, Vijayakanth, and Ramadoss one by one, and initiated a conversation about a coalition. In this coalition, the Congress wants 35 seats; Karunandhi is ready to give 15, and the final deal might be signed for 20-22 seats. This will help the Congress mark its presence in the state Assembly. Ghulam Nabi Azad’s real strategy is regarding the 2019 Lok Sabha elections; if the Congress goes into the battlefield with this coalition, Ghulam Nabi feels the Congress will be in a position to win eight-10 seats. Maybe that is the reason Rahul is giving a little more importance to Ghulam Nabi nowadays.

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