Ghulam Nabi and ‘Naag Devata’

March 06 2018

The mood of the nation is changing, its holy land has caught the sight of the devil once again. The temple-mosque issue is getting hot again, whose sparks can instigate a political momentum. Under such circumstances, it is becoming a difficult quest for Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad to protect a ‘Naag Devata’ (God of snakes). For some last 25 years, Ghulam Nabi has been living on 3, Safdarjung Lane in the Lutyens Zone of New Delhi. There is an ages old tree in his garden which is believed to reside a ‘Manidhaari Naag’ (snake with a precious gem on its head). So one fine night, people saw a bright light coming out of the tree and hence the devotees were quick enough to gather round with the milk bowls in their hands to feed it. The crowd thickened and so did the discussions around the precious snake-God. Ghulam Nabi was unable to prevent the people from coming to the tree, because it had associated religious beliefs. So later on he had to ask his gardener to put flowers in the circular shape around the tree so that no devotee can reach the deity and the precious snake remains safe.

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