Gangs of Banuchhpar

March 22 2016

Saiyyan bhaye kotwal, to ab dar kahey ka (Why fear when the beloved is in control of law and order). Ever since Lalu Prasad has returned to Bihar, the same-old routine has started once again. The BJP people are calling it Jungleraj Part II; where they are right it that crime and criminals are, once again, acing their game in Bihar. The state is now becoming a safe grazing ground for them. A few days ago, based on reports from investigative agencies, the local police looked something called “Gangs of Banuchhpar”. Based in western Champaran, this is an organized criminal group that was pretty active on social media – it had Facebook pages as well as a WhatsApp group. The Facebook pages had pictures of people with rifles in hand, with the tagline: “If you want to meet god, come to Banuchhpar”. In Bettiah, Bihar Police also tracked down young criminals who had their own WhatsApp groups that were openly using social media to recruit employed youth and expanding their crime networks.

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