Gandhi family on a trip to Europe

June 07 2014

After the current Parliament session got over, the Gandhi family, that is Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka and Robert are headed to Europe (and most possibly, Italy) for a two-week vacation. Regarding the vacation, Sonia summoned her loyal Makhanlal Fotedar and clearly told him that there should be no meeting of the Congress Working Committee during this time. On the other hand, several veteran congress leaders along with Fotedar himself feel that at such a time the Gandhi family should not go on such a long vacation. At a time when the party has seen a washout in the entire nation, when the party leaders are disappointed and feeling hopeless, and when six states are due to face Assembly elections in the next few months. But it doesn’t seem as if the Gandhi family is going to reconsider its decision. Rahul and Priyanka keep going abroad on small intervals; after the elections, Priyanka went to Dubai first, and then to London. So for now it seems that the oldest political family in India, the Congress will have to depend on imported courage and non-resident dreams.

  1. Anand Desai Says:

    Hope they realize where they belong and spare this country.

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