Gadkari, the saviour

July 12 2014

The entire Advani camp was opposed to the decision of making Amit Shah the party president; Advani was recommending Yashwant Sinha’s name for the same, but when the Sangh Parivar and Modi forwarded Shah’s name aggressively, it fell upon Nitin Gadkari to form a unanimous decision amongst the party. At that time, Advani camp also got in touch with MPs in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Gadkari had marathon sessions and not only got Advani camp to see his point of view, but also spoke personally to those who are aggressive in their take and told them about Shah’s administration capabilities. Only then was the formal announcement of Amit Shah’s name possible. Gadkari is indeed Modi’s new ‘Sankat Mochak’.

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