For those who are 75-plus

December 21 2014

Ever since Najma Heptullah has got wind of the fact that her days as a minister are numbered, and that she is also going to be trapped in the 75-and-out conundrum, she is concentrating little on her work. Sources go to the extent of saying that the all-powerful head of the government has even asked her in a conversation about her preference for a state as a governor! Now it has come to this that when a journalist asks for Najma aapa for her time over the phone, leave alone an appointment, the journalists don’t even get a reply from her. A similar strange situation saw itself being played out a few days ago, when Najma Heptullah reached the Parliament and she didn’t even realise that the session has been adjourned because of a ruckus created by the Opposition parties. As a result, she had to go back to her room in Parliament.

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