Fear market crosses $ 25 billion

April 21 2021

The speed at which the Corona pandemic has taken such a formidable pace has provided multinational drug makers with a huge hope. According to a report, by 2024, the market for corona vaccine will grow to more than the US $ 25 billion, that is, the bigger the fear, the bigger the market. 10 big pharma companies have already acquired their dominance on this market and have started bringing the vaccine to ‘mono valent’ (single) or ‘multivalent category’ (for more than one variant). These 10 big companies include companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Dechi Sekyo. Pfizer has thrown up a new claim that people may have to take Corona vaccine dose every year. While other companies are embodying concepts such as its ‘cocktail’ and ‘booster’ doses, the WHO has not yet approved these ideas. Now Russian and Chinese companies have also jumped into the fray. Even though the efficacy of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies’ vaccines are not up to the standards of the World Health Organization, they are in a hurry to grab the market. Two major Chinese companies, Sino Pharm and Sino Vac, have produced the Corona vaccine. The vaccines produced by them have not been able to meet the 50% efficacy standard of WHO. Sino Pharm has not even revealed its data so far and is preparing to bring its fifth injection to market after four of its Corona vaccine injections. These Chinese companies are producing their 3 billion doses this year. That is, the bigger the fear of Corona, the more these companies will flourish at the same speed.

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