Father-son row erupts, again!

March 12 2018

This Holi when the entire Yadav clan gathered, then ‘Netaji’ (Mulayam Singh Yadav) took up the mediation spot between Akhilesh and Shivpal. Father Mulayam very softly proposed to his son Akhilesh that why not send-off Shivpal to Delhi in the Rajya Sabha this time, this way he will be their ‘Point Man’ in Delhi and will also coordinate with the other parties. The father wanted that UP politics for the son should be slightly thorn-free, at least the prevailing resistance within the family is tuned-down. Shivpal was also in favour of these terms, but Akhilesh did not agree. Instead, he said to his father, “I know why people are trying to do this. You want to take Delhi away from uncle Ramgopal.” On hearing this, Mulayam’s heart broke and so did his dialogue flow. Mulayam said, “You are more concerned about your uncle Ramgopal than me. I throned you as the CM but your preference lies with him?” With this ‘Netaji’ has silenced himself in the midst of the uncomfortable sprawling relationship which may continue with further tensions in the family.

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