Exit Poll and Scribe’s Arrest

February 26 2017

There was much heat and dust flying around in UP over the arrest of the editor(digital edition) of the Hindi edition of a prominent newspaper’s website for publishing the results of anexit poll on UP, which actually showed the BJP winning the state. However, though the English edition of the same website had put this survey up much more prominently, nothing happened to its editor. One wonders why. Anyway, till date it is not clear which company had conducted the survey. The email ID mentioned in the website reads drsrdi@gmail.com. Sources point out that by RDI there could be two possible organisations. The first is the Research and Development International. The MD of this company is one Rajiv Gupta, who denies that his organisation does not all conduct surveys. It is only involved in training officials of the human resources ministry. The second could be Research and Development Initiative, which is run by a one Devendra Kumar, who is close to BJP boss Amit Shah. But Kumar too says his organisation has no experience in running exit polls. Reports say that immediately after the surfacing of the poll results, the Election Commission filed 15 FIRs from as many places and it was under the initiative of a Ghaziabad police station that the Hindi editor was arrested overnight.

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