Doval, the troubleshooter

July 26 2020

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has emerged as a major troubleshooter for the Modi government when the two-and-a-half-month-long negotiations with China could not be resolved even at the level of defence minister, the foreign minister, and even the general level talks were inconclusive, so it was then low-profile NSA Doval spoke with the Chinese side and lo and behold, the issue was sorted. Doval spoke to the Chinese side in a blunt manner and is believed to have told them that both India and China wants development. “You want to progress and we are also determined for this, we have to move forward on those things where there is no scope for any dispute. You are facing the US and when we do not give the market, how will you be able to compete with the US, war is not good for both the countries.”The Chinese understood this and agreed to withdraw their army. China is okay with its policy of stepping one step back to take two steps forward later. Even before this, when the Modi government was going through a period of turbulence whether it was a case of the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir or the growing heat of the Delhi riots, Doval has always played the role of a troubleshooter.

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