Donation drive in the name of UP

April 11 2016

BJP’s top leadership’s entire focus is on the UP elections in 2017. Preparations have also started regarding the same. The BJP’s aim is to organize a big fund for the UP elections. Sources say that from BJP’s top leadership, a Parliamentarian from a seat adjoining that of Delhi, and who is also a prominent minister in Modi government has been given the responsibility to organize a meeting between some chosen industrialists of Noida and the party chief, so that the party treasury can get funds. On a set date, Mr Minister invited about 10 industrialists to his house, and the party head himself was to come. During the course of the conversation, the party head stated that in the 2017 elections in UP, it is the BJP that will form the government. A couple of industrialists present for high tea showed some courage and said that the other politicians they were meeting nowadays were making the same claim, and are asking for party funding accordingly. Be it the SP or the BSP, both parties feel they will stake claim in UP in the next elections. Sources say the party chief got upset at the industrialists’ audacity and said, “Forget the state, but don’t forget it is our government at the Centre.” This was indication enough and the moneybags respected the chief’s feelings accordingly.

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