Dinesh eyes Yogi’s chair

March 19 2018

Now the important question that arises is how did Yogi’s own bastion drowned down the political mud? Sources reveal that Yogi had proposed three potential candidates to party president, and all three had their association with Gorakhnath Mutt. But the ticket was finally awarded to Upendra Shukla, which was seen as an anti-Yogi-choice, since Shukla is said to be close to Yogi’s well-known opponent and union minister Shiv Pratap Shukla. It is probable that Yogi was hence unable to take down the candidature well.
There are whispers in the corridor that after the defeats on Gorakhpur and Phulpur seats, the ‘moral authority’ of the Yogi rule has ended. So now people are internally pushing forward the name of an other deputy CM Dinesh Sharma, whose characteristics correspond to that of Khattar, Rawat or Das to a great extent.
Keshav Prasad Maurya, who had already submitted his claim to the CM post, is himself in the midst of the ‘moral authority’ grounds. He has been heard covering up the defeat by telling his supporters that in Phulpur, the party made a mistake in its candidature. Had his wife contested, the election could have been different today.

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